Daily Thyroid Routine: 24 Hours to Better Thyroid Health

You will learn all about how to lead a 24 hours healthy lifestyle routine while dealing with your thyroid challenges.

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In this Book You Will Discover...

  • Why Sleep Is Important For Thyroid Health

    Learn about the right sleep environment and why you should always stick to your sleep pattern for your thyroid health.

  • What Foods To Take For Thyroid Health

    Learn about the right type of foods you should be taking for breakfast, lunch and dinner and why it is important for your health.

  • Why Exercise Daily For Your Thyroid Health

    Learn what type of exercises are good for you and how to make the daily exercises fun for yourself to help improve your thyroid health.

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I learnt a lot from this book. Having a keen acumen in human biology, I found this book very interesting. This is a really comprehensive book about Thyroid Health, and all details about thyroid disorders including symptoms, diagnosis etc. Author has used a very easy to understand writing style. Even a layman without any knowledge of biological terms can read, understand and benefit from this book.

This book helped me to learn about thyroid gland disorder as well as method of diagnosis to aid in avoiding further harm and reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of thyroid disorder. I got here the most important definition of healthy lifestyle! Would advise everyone to read this book once!

Mirala Published on Amazon

I am happy to read from this book. I felt like the writer was talking to me personally. It gave me a warm feeling and I think i should try harder to have better thyroid health

My eldest son is starting to gain weight and I don't know what is wrong. I am starting to think it is his thyroid too. I didn't know so many people had problems like this. He lays around too much, but this book gave me some ideas to go outside with him and to play some games. I also have started cooking more foods that are good for thyroid like the book said. Lots of onions. I think I notice he is getting more energy already. I will continue

Thank you I think this book has helped my life and my family.

Sharon Published on Amazon

Actually, I had no idea about the thyroid disorder, but heard some of friends were suffering from thyroid disorder. So, to know about this disorder and how to recover this problem I just search google and found this book. After purchasing, two times I read this book thoroughly and learnt more than I expected. From this book you can know about thyroid disorders and how can we maintain thyroid health and hypothyroidism weight loss. To maintain thyroid health we have to maintain daily routine and Jay Author write everything professionally.

The Author has spent a lot of times to write everything systematically. Highly satisfied!

Lisa Published on Amazon
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